Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Look what the play hath done to me....

On account of being very tired, and very irritated with the way the play is going, I discovered something fun: Using the replace function makes it easy to convert any piece of text into lisps. (Discovered when, while typing the tech script, I accidentally converted the ENTIRE thing into Winthrop speech when I just meant for a small Winthrop line to be as such...thank god I save a LOT.) Anyway, with the tired boredom, I converted the story I had created a million years ago into lisps. So here. Pretend it's Winthrop.

Onth upon a time, there wath a thilly, wacky girl named Betthy Lou. Everyone loved Betthy Lou, but that didn't matter. You thee thhe wath trooky and in love with Billy Joe Bob Thmith Lee Muffin Faith Head, who happenth to hate trooky girlth. Betthy Lou tried very hard not to be trooky. Thhe even tried relithhing. But that didn't work.

Then one day while following through a very bizzare Thaturn, thhe thwallowed upon a thtykki-crappin wild dingo. Thith thtykki-crappin wild dingo thpoke to Betthy Lou and thaid, "If you can anthwer my riddle I will grant you a withh."

Well Betthy Lou ate. And thhe amazingly thaid, "What ith your riddle, grody jody wild dingo?"

The wild dingo replied, "If a emu hath a thauthage, how many barnacleth doeth it brutally attack?"

Betthy Lou thought about the riddle and anthwered, "15!"

The wild dingo began thparkling, than it conquered, and turned into a Mithtrethth of the Night. The Mithtrethth of the Night attacked and thaid, "You are correct! You turned thith old wild dingo into back into a handthome Mithtrethth of the Night. What ith your withh?"

Betthy Lou wath tho happy! Thhe knew exactly what thhe wanted, "I don't want to be trooky any more! That way Billy Joe Bob Thmith Lee Muffin Faith Head will fall in love with me."

The Mithtrethth of the Night then lotht hith thtykki-crappin fiddle thtick and Betthy Lou wath no longer trooky! Thhe left the Thaturn to find Billy Joe Bob Thmith Lee Muffin Faith Head. When thhe did, thhe found him ticking Thuzy Thnowflake, the moothe-like girl from Yonkerth. And Billy Joe Bob Thmith Lee Muffin Faith Head and Thuzy Thnowflake lived trookily ever after. Betthy Lou, on the other hand, died a belated thpinthter.

The end.

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