Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Just say "NO" to football!!

So UTA is an awesome school because there is no football team. Whenever people ask me if I like it there, I say, "Sure. There's no football!"

Recently there has been a desire to bring the football team back using the excuse that it would bring in more revenue. However, bring back football means that there would also be a $2 fee tacked onto every credit hour in addition to the already huge amounts of fees I (read: my poor parents) have to pay for things I never use (*cough*mathclinic*cough*).

So they left the vote up to the students: Should they do this or shouldn't they?


And afterward I got interviewed by a dude from the Star Telegram because he was doing a report on the football thing and I totally told him, "I VOTED NO, BITCH!!!**"

There were other things to vote for on the ballot, such as student council president and ambassadors and whatnot. I voted on whoever gave me the most candy.

I SPECIFICALLY DID NOT vote Keegan Wood for ambassador, because he went to Nolan and I hate him and now I see him everywhere here. I voted for the people who had the most interesting names and were pointedly not Keegan Wood.

*Actually I just filled in the little bubble that said "no" on the ballot.

**Actually, I just calmly explained that I don't like football culture and want to keep it out of my school.

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