Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

As you can see by my new icon, I am branching out in the icon world with a new (also my first ever) "ICON SET". This icon set is aptly named:

Disgruntled Cats In Food.

As a free user, I am allowed only three icons, which is good, because there is a limited, VERY limited, amount of pictures of disgruntled cats in food. The two current members of my elite icon set are, as follows:

Both lovingly crafted for me by the ever talented icon maker, AnnE.

As it is, my set is more of a pair right now, and I would like to include a third icon to make it an official "set". Alas, I am conflicted over which picture to use for the final icon. My limitations are thus:

1) It must be a picture of an actual cat, not a drawing, any photoshopping must be somewhat decent so that it at least would look real in tiny icon format.

2) It must be making some kind of humerous face that would imply it is not pleased about its current situation.

3) It must be physically immersed inside of some type of food, not just eating it, not on top of or below it, but IN it. Hence, "Disgruntled Cats IN Food".

You can see why it is difficult to find pictures fitting all of my qualfications.

After an hour or so of google image searching for the correct picture to round out my collection, I found this hilarious image of a dude eating ice cream:

I also found these contenders for my third icon:


Comments: Although this is a very fitting picture, it is somewhat incorrect for qualification number 2. The cat looks more tired or dead than disgruntled, part of what makes the icon set hilarious in the first place. Also, I already have a cat in a hamburger.


Comments: While this picture is rather hilarious, it is pushing the limits of qualification 3: a glass is not really food. While it could be implied that the cat is posing as a beverage, there is no humerous ketchup on its head.

So I place the decision up to you, the viewing public. Should I:

a) Use picture one?

b) Use picture two?

c) Use neither, and wait for a more fitting picture that falls nicely into all three qualifiers, just like the first two icons do?

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