Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

The best part of being late is when you get pulled over by a MEAN LADY COP ON A POWER TRIP.

++end rant++

There's this poster for someone who's trying to be president of something on campus, and it's got a picture of him and his grandma and the poster says, in large letters, "GRANDMA APPROVES. VOTE (so-and-so) CORNOR."

First of all, using your grandmother as a reason to vote for you is hilarious.

Second of all, I've decided that Corner (not Cornor) would make a charming last name for a complacent little character in some bizzare surreal story.

Now someone needs to write the story of Mr. Corner so that I can go, "Tee-hee, his last name is CORNER!!!!!!!!!"

The end.

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