Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face


So drninja and I were shopping at Walmart (such a patient man, helping me pick out yarn colors!) and we were standing in the check out line. It was slow going, pretty much the only thing I dislike about shopping at Walmart.

There was a small child hanging on a bit of railing. We watched her for about five minutes, all the time she was muttering something akin to ""

Which made us laugh.

We caught her attention and waved to her, which kind of freaked her out. She pretended she hadn't noticed, turned away, and continued her mememeing.

Eventually, an older man with an impressive afro comes over to her. He looks down at her, asseses her rail-hanging situation, her incessant mememeing, and smiles broadly.

Then he says, "Get your punk ass over here."

Sometimes things just rule so much it's incomprehensible.

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