Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

I think I am being wrassled into a study group against my will.

Understand that I have a very strong anti-study group policy.

However, one of the dudes in my heretofore non-existant study group is this guy that's been in my group for all our group work. In MATH CLASS.

Group work, especially in math class, is another thing I am philisophically against. Mostly because one person ends up doing all the work for everyone else, and that person is most often me. And in math class, group work should just be called student tutor sessions, because I end up telling the other people in my group how to do the stuff instead of actually getting it done. Recently, my math teacher (a TA going for his masters) has become obsessed with group QUIZZES. The wrath is deep within my soul, because while I could be completely focused on my quiz and getting correct answers and double checking, my time is spent going, "Remember???? REMEMBER???? We just did this TWO DAYS AGO, IT'S NOT HARD." And then I can't remember what part of MY work I was on, and I inevitably screw more than one thing up. ON MY FUCKING QUIZ GRADE.

Anyway, so I know that this dude is not all that hot at math. Sadly, this would require going somewhere on the small amount of time that I have off from school and work to go do MORE school work, which is why I hold so firmly to my anti-study group policy in the first place.

So my first instinct is to say, "HELL no!", kick him in the face, possibly push over a couple of desks, and run screaming to the nearest lake, which I would promptly jump into.

Unfortunately, the helpful loser in my soul is saying, "HELP THIS PERSON! HE IS A SUCKY MATH PERSON AND YOU ARE NOT, USE YOUR POWERS FOR GOOD!!!"

Then another part of my brain says to offer him tutor sessions, during which he would PAY ME for my non-school/work time that I am so graciously giving up for the cause. But that would sort of leave out the other dude who is trying to get the study group going.

Then I think, MAKE THEM BOTH PAY!!!!!!!!!! But that defeats the purpose of a study group, even though I know they will dissolve into me-tutoring-them sessions. (I can only vouch for the one guy as being sucky at math, but the other guy, if he's wantin' a study group, is probably just as not good.)

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WHAT SHOULD I DO?????????????

Option one: Suck it up and help the poor schmucks.

Option two: Stomp on their faces and tell them no, my free time is far far too precious.

Option three: Tell them no, my free time is far far too precious WITHOUT the face stomping.

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