Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

So my dumb auction had gotten up to $9.50, bid by some random person I don't know, and I was all like, THAT'S AWESOME, WHAT? and then my mom bid on it, promptly upping the bid to $10.50 and out-bidding said mysterious someone.

While her heart was in the right place, I was slightly upset because, MAN, how cool would it have been to have some total stranger PAY ME almost TEN BUCKS to send them a letter saying, "Man, why did you take me to that movie when you knew I was supposed to be studying? I hate you." Having my mom win would sort of defeat the hilarity of it all, and also, there was NO WAY anyone would willingly pay more than ten doll-hairs for something so stupid. Depression sets in.

Today I log on to find that my auction has gone up to $12.50, bid by a new, different person I don't know.

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