Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

So yesterday at Aaron'shouse, AnnE, Drew, Aaron's momma and I were all discussing silly ebay auctions.

Silly ebay auctions of the past have been someone auctioning a small town in east Texas, a ghost in a jar, a date with themselves, and even ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

The last option intrigued us. Was it possible to convince people to give you money for nothing? With no motivation? We began thinking up stupid things we could auction off, such as:

Win a chance for me to dream a little dream for you!

Win Corey Feldman's childhood!

Win the opportunity to have the next meow my cat makes dedicated to YOU!

We had many other ideas, but I became overwhelmed and all consumed with the idea of auctioning of the chance to pay me money. And kids, you know how it goes when I become overwhelmed and all consumed with an idea that is feesibly within my grasp.

It comes into being.

I have future plans for other useless auctions, but I just wanted to get the ball rolling with something blatant. Feel free to join in the auction for stupid things revolution!!

NOTE: Yes, I'm aware I'll make no money off this, and yes, I'm also aware that there are much better things I could have chosen to auction, but THE WHEELS ARE STILL SPINNING. DON'T YOU WORRY.

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