Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Today I am wearing SHOES. SHOES SHOES. Like, the kind you slip on your feet and actually lace up and tie, as opposed to flip flops with socks.


Because I can't drive in shoes.

I decided to play the shoes card today since yesterday it was wet and rainy and my socks got soaked and my feet got cold. Today, of course, there is no rain, and it's actually getting pretty warm, and my feet (and the rest of my body) are quite warm as well.

Also, it's weird walking with your feet stuck in one position. I think I'm against shoes in principle. I was pretty sure I was, but now I KNOW I am. Damn you, shoes, and your foot restricting qualities!!!!

I will be very happy when today is over. I had an astronomy test (which I studied for the half-hour before class), an english paper rough draft due (which I did in the hour allotted me between english and astronomy due to finishing my astronomy test early) and immediately after school I have voice. And then I'm going home and SLEEPING FOR EIGHT YEARS, or at least until tomorrow.

ALSO: My work buddies, Robert and Chay, (whom I forced to get a livejournal), are leaving to go to CALIFORNIA and thus EVERYTHING SUCKS because now I have to remember how to work with other people at work. Tonight is their last night *anger rage grr*


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