Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

The previous entry was my 400th achievement.

So I hit 400 entries last time, I checked because AnnE had mentioned she had 3,000 or so posts in 3 years. I have had 400 in three years. I NEEDS TO GET MOVING. I find it interesting that while AnnE is averaging 2.74 posts a day, I am averaging 0.37 posts a day. THIS IS AN AMAZING ACHIEVEMENT, MY FRIENDS.

There really was absolutely no point to this post whatsoever, except to point out the fact that I do too many mathematical calculations for my own good.


I went back and read some of my previous entries, and I realized that if I met the me that posted to my livejournal three years ago, I'd probably hate me a lot and smash my face into the ground for being an annoying twit.

And I still miss pogs, and I'm sure I still will in three years, when I'm hitting my 800th post, and AnnE has hit her 9,238,264,215,413,454,215th post.

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