Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Money, Money, Money

I probably should have been a CPA, because I SUPER geek out over my income/expenses throughout the year. I just finished up figuring out the numbers for December, added it all together, and this year, after expenses, my wee biz brought in $10,350!!! In profits!!! Mine is a happy dance!

I know that seems like a miniscule amount in the grand scheme of, like, a decent livable income. But to me, all I can see is that I managed to pull in over ten grand on my own merits, without having to punch in and out on someone else's time clock.

Earlier this year, I did an exercise to figure out what my yearly income would have to be for me to feel rich. I wrote out a list of things that would make me feel rich, itemized how much each of those things would cost per month, multiplied that by 12, and came to $40K per year.

That number is TOTALLY within my grasp, especially after seeing that I already made one quarter of that this year! All of my necessities were covered all year. I sacrificed a lot (no hoop workshops or trips, save a couple Megabus jaunts to Austin), and luckily no emergencies struck. $10K is a SURVIVABLE number for me.

I know I have the capacity to meet my $40K goal. It might not happen this year, but that's okay. As long as the needle keeps moving up, I'll be a happy camper.
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