Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face


Had a very weird, unexpected and unwelcome sense of deja vu tonight.

First, I went to the grocery store and was feeling pretty good. I've already dropped 5 pounds and I can tell the difference in my jeans...a little bit looser, not a ton, but enough to make them feel more comfy.

So I was trotting around the grocery store picking up my healthy food (we had pizza tonight but I don't feel bad about that because I was 150 calories under budget yesterday, I ran this morning, and it's good to have a cheat day every so often so your body doesn't get comfy and level out BUT I don't want to make it a habit because I can't afford that), feeling good in my slightly looser pants and proud of myself.

It's a brisk night tonight, a smidge humid but chilly, so there's this cold zing to the air if you're driving with your windows down. "Miss Murder" came on the radio as I got close to home, and I turned the corner to pull onto my street, and one of those cold damp snaps hit me, and the streetlight cast a glow on the street and I felt good and happy.

And all at once it reminded me of pulling up to the house on a fall day, same song playing on the radio, windows down, feeling happy and confident.

And then for a moment I felt like throwing up.

Kind of killed the mood.
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