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Okay, no I didn't. But I did accidentally slam it into the flower cutter blade at work. I was too freaked out to see how deep it was, I just ran straight for the Neosporin, Band-Aids and the sink, and Band-Aided that shit up as quickly as possible. And then I glanced suspiciously at the flower cutter the whole rest of the day.

Then I came home to write, because I'm so super freaking behind on NaNo. I wrote 7,120 words with my heavily bandaged finger. I mean, I have FOUR BAND-AIDS on this sucker. FOUR. On the tip of my finger.

Anyway, I wrote all the words, and I was very grateful for the cushion the Band-Aids provided. I never realized how many "S"s and "W"s I typed, as those are the letters I type with the hurt finger.

OKAY NOW HERE IS THE ICKY PART. When I finished with all of my typing, surfed YouTube a bit, checked e-mail and OkCupid, I then looked at the keyboard. TO FIND THAT THE "S" AND "W" KEYS WERE KINDA BLOODY.


*Today is not the first time I have done something horrible to my finger! Back in 2003, when I was working on a dress for a friend of mine, I actually drove the needle from the sewing machine all the way through my finger. I could have sworn I made an lj post about this, but I went back and checked, and there is none. There's posts about starting the dress and finishing it, but none about the horrific finger stabbing. WELL, IT IS HERE NOW, I GUESS, JUST SIX YEARS TOO LATE.**

**God, I've had a LiveJournal forever.
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